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The circus is no treat for animals

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will bring its sad show to Tampa next week. The circus is “presented locally” by Dairy Queen.
Life in the circus is inherently cruel for animals, who suffer from constant travel, abusive training, and social isolation. In the circus, virtually all of animalís natural behaviors are thwarted. Ringling […]

This week, Broward Palm Beach New Times’ cover story is “The Dirty Dozen of 2010… Crooks, creeps, and other despicable people of the year.” Along with corrupt politicians and greedy businessmen, the list includes Donald Bradford, president of Primate Products, Inc.
You may not recognize the name, but photographs from inside Primate Products that were released […]

The lead story on NBC Miami on Friday night was about a horrible incident involving a South Florida company with a controversial recent history. Click here to view the excellent story by NBC 6 reporter Jeff Burnside.
In early 2009 approximately 92 owl monkeys were donated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in […]

There are many misconceptions about coyotes. For example, coyotes are not “new” to Florida, and they don’t pose a threat to humans. But in recent months, residents in communities across the state, from Panama City Beach to Naples to Fort Lauderdale have demanded that “something” be done in response to the appearance of the animals. […]

Adopt, don’t shop!

On Sunday, the Palm Beach Post published the first in a series of excellent articles about the sad beginnings of many of the dogs for sale at “Palm Beach Puppies,” “Top Shelf Puppies” and other deceptively-named pet stores in South Florida.
The paper examined thousands of records at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services […]

The 2011 Legislative Session officially convenes on March 8, 2011, but now is the time when legislators choose what bills to support. ARFF is hopeful that 2011 will be the year that Florida legislators finally enact a ban on sexual contact with animals.
Recently, there have been disturbing reminders of why it is necessary to update […]

In what could be a sign that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus train is running out of steam, the circus– for the first time in several years– will not be performing next month in Lakeland, Sarasota or Fort Myers.
Unfortunately, Ringling will not be skipping Florida altogether. Visit ARFF’s website for details of […]

Florida’s last victims of Avitrol?

Last night, WWSB ABC Ch. 7 reported on local outrage about an oceanside restaurant poisoning dozens of pigeons. Sharky’s On The Pier, in Venice, Florida, hired a pest control company to get rid of birds that customers had complained about. The TV station spoke to one fisherman on the Venice Fishing Pier who described birds […]