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Today, the U.S. Senate returned to work following their Thanksgiving break. One bill that the Senate may consider before the end of the legislative session is Senate Bill 373, which would halt the import and commercial trade in pythons.
Banning the import and interstate trade in pythons is a common-sense move that would benefit animal welfare, […]

Green iguanas: frequent fliers

The Green iguana, also known as the common iguana, may be the animal other than humans that you’re most likely to find on a flight arriving in Miami.
According to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service records (see below post), between January-April 2010 over 20,000 iguanas were imported into Miami. Almost all were bred at one massive […]

We spent some time today searching through a database of U.S. commercial animal imports compiled by the Sun-Sentinel newspaper (find the database here). The database is a compilation of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service records from 2004 until April 2010.
So far this year, many thousands of snakes, frogs, spiders, turtles, sloths, kinkajous and other animals […]

It started with Tofurky. Several years ago, news media began reporting about the strange “tofu turkey” that vegetarians placed at the center of their Thanksgiving dinner table. Every year since then, there have been regular news stories about being vegetarian or vegan at Thanksgiving. The stories this year are more evidence that vegetarians/vegans need not […]

The Cole Bros. Circus will be in Florida until the end of November. This week ARFF is holding protests against the circus in Melbourne on Tuesday, and in Lauderhill on Wednesday (vist ARFF’s Events Calendar for details). We hope you’ll join us, but if you need some encouragement consider the fate of “Val,” a three-year-old […]

Hampton Inn welcomes the rodeo?!

Hampton Inn is a good hotel chain for budget-minded travelers. The rooms are clean, and the free breakfast usually has something for vegan guests (fruit, bagels or oatmeal). But we’re beginning to think that it might be wise for travelers to avoid Hampton Inn in South Florida.
Earlier this year, Hampton Inn in Plantation was declared […]

Deaths in the Panhandle

On Monday, Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach announced that a baby dolphin had died during the night after being pushed or washed (or jumping?) over the wall of her tank. The dolphin, “Chloe,” was born at the park in September. The press release did not say if Chloe died from injuries as […]

Update: Greased pig chase canceled

ARFF would like to thank everyone who contacted Highlands Christian Academy concerning the greased pig chase (see below). Headmaster Ken Lopez told several people who wrote, as well as a local journalist, that the pig chase would not be a part of tomorrow’s festival, although he would not confirm the cancellation with ARFF.
ARFF is taking […]

Compassion for all creatures

This Saturday (Nov. 6), Highlands Christian Academy, a private school in Pompano Beach, is holding it’s annual Fall Festival. The day will include face painting, a bounce house, a beach volleyball tournament and live music. Unfortunately, the festival will also feature a greased pig chase.
During pig chasing events, children are encouraged to chase, grab and […]