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Archive for October, 2010

This week it was announced that El Al Israel Airlines has decided to stop transporting primates destined for the research industry. El Al joins the growing list of airlines that refuse to be associated with the cruelty and suffering of the international trade in primates.
Among the airlines that were once carriers of primates, but which […]

Last month, the Tampa Tribune ran a story about a visit by a 9-week-old tiger to the PetSmart store in Wesley Chapel. Photographs from the event show PetSmart employees posing with the tiger. The tiger cub was brought into the store by Kathy Stearns, who runs a small zoo in Dade City called Wild Things.
From […]

It has become a depressingly predictable pattern in Florida: (1) cats who are allowed to roam outdoors go missing, (2) coyotes are spotted in the area, (3) trappers are hired to kill the coyotes.
On Tuesday, WMBB Ch. 13 news reported that traps have been set for coyotes in a community called The Glades in Panama […]

A few weeks ago the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) began accepting public comment on its draft Black Bear Management Plan. The goal of the plan is to sustain black bear populations, conserve bear habitat and reduce human-bear conflicts.
During the first public meeting held to discuss the plan, FWC staff made the mistake […]

Pet stores in trouble

On Sunday, Bernard Nowakowski, the owner of a pet store called Puppy Luv in Safety Harbor, was arrested and charged with 26 counts of animal cruelty after deputies found dogs in pens without food or water. The Pinellas Sheriff’s Office described conditions inside the store as “extremely unclean.” One dog was in a pen that […]

The Miss Florida Teen USA pageant concluded on Sunday. Congratulations to Mikyle Crockett, representing Jacksonville, who won the crown. ARFF had a strong presence outside the pageant, with our own “contestants” dressed in bloodied fur coats. See photos from ARFF’s protest here.
Again this year Miss Florida USA/Miss Florida Teen USA stubbornly refused to cut ties […]