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Archive for August, 2010

Quotes of the week

“It’s a raw, raw smell, very unique. If you’ve ever smelled death, it’s close to that.”

Those were the words of Lake County resident Art Dorion explaining the smell of a slaughterhouse in Monday’s Daily Commercial newspaper. Mr. Dorion is opposed to the construction of a slaughterhouse down the street from his home. The Lake County […]

We’re very happy to report that the end may be near for the Davie, Florida-based animal exhibitor Vanishing Species Wildlife. Read our previous post here about their horrible history of animal neglect.
On Monday, the Sun-Sentinel’s David Fleshler reported that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has revoked Vanishing Species exhibitor’s license following repeated violations of the […]

Last Sunday, three liger cubs (tiger/lion hybrids) were born at a zoo in Taiwan called the World Snake King Education Farm. One cub died at birth. The surviving two cubs were confiscated by government officials, and the zoo’s owner is facing a fine for violating Taiwan’s wildlife conservation laws by crossbreeding protected animal species.
The zoo’s […]

Change for Change

Whole Foods in Fort Lauderdale has chosen ARFF to be a “Change For Change” recipient.
What: Fundraiser for ARFF
Where: Whole Foods Fort Lauderdale (2000 N. Federal Hwy; 954-565-5655)
When: Until September 26, 2010
Every customer who shops with their own reusable bag will be asked to donate their 10 cent bag refund to ARFF! Please be sure to […]

Today, ARFF was contacted by an individual who witnessed a tragic incident at the Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club on Saturday, August 14. During the 7th race on Saturday evening, a greyhound hit the rail and suffered fatal injuries.
The witness described the experience: “Unfortunately, I had fooled myself into believing these dogs were doing what they loved to do, and […]

Coyotes are intelligent, adaptable, amazing animals. They’ve successfully expanded their range to every state in the nation (except Hawaii). Coyotes arrived in the Florida Panhandle in the 1970s and first started showing up in South Florida a few years ago.
Coyotes eat just about everything, including rodents and watermelon and lizards. A hungry coyote will also […]

Pembroke Pines is #11!

On Wednesday, the City of Pembroke Pines became the 11th city* in Broward County to enact an ordinance banning or restricting the chaining/tethering of dogs. The ordinance, among other provisions, makes it unlawful to tether a dog outdoors unless a guardian is outside along with the dog. ARFF representatives spoke in support of the ordinance […]

The National Weather Service has issued heat advisories for counties across central and north Florida. Yesterday, the St. Augustine Record ran an article about what locals can do to stay cool in this summer’s record heat. The paper spoke to a landscape worker who complained, “We are out here all day, and the hotter it […]