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Archive for May, 2010

ARFF has received disturbing video filmed by an audience member during a performance of the Carson & Barnes Circus at the Citrus County Fairgrounds in Inverness on May 18. The video shows elephant handler Chip Arthur striking an elephant in the trunk with a bullhook–a tool that resembles a fireplace poker with a sharp steel […]

On Thursday, the Fort Myers News-Press reported that next week the Naples Fort Myers Greyhound Track will close. But don’t celebrate yet; live racing is due to return in November. Still, it’s the first time since the mid-1980s that the track has closed for the summer. Thursday’s article described how a local greyhound adoption group […]

On Friday, Senate Bill 318 was presented to Governor Crist. The bill would stop the breeding, sale and trade of Burmese pythons, African rock pythons, anaconda and Nile monitors, among other “reptiles of concern” in Florida. (A person who currently possesses one of these reptiles would be allowed to keep the animal for the remainder […]

A headline in today’s Pensacola News Journal caught our attention: “Fish pulls woman off pier.” Patricia Tenuto was fishing with her husband on a fishing pier in Pensacola Beach. Her husband had hooked a large redfish, and as she was trying to grab the fish with a net, she was pulled off the pier and […]

Vote vegan!

If you love polls, you’re in luck. It’s “Best of” time at the weeklies Miami New Times and Broward/Palm Beach New Times. This year, there isn’t a “Best vegetarian restaurant” category, but that’s OK. There are veg restaurants in South Florida, such as Sublime in Fort Lauderdale, that are the equal, in quality and creativity, […]

Last week the Associated Press released the results of a nationwide poll about companion animals (the poll was conducted in early April). The results are very encouraging! According to the AP, more than half of those surveyed said they would get their next dog or cat from a shelter, “nearly seven times the number who […]

In the “Pets” section of today’s Palm Beach Post classifieds there are five ads that feature photographs of puppies for sale.áEach ad includes the phone number 954-353-7864. A quick search of that phone number brings you to the website PuppiesForSaleSite.com, a domain owned by James Anderson.
James and his wife Gilda are well-known for operating a […]

Update: Late on Friday, ARFF learned that due to the controversy created by our planned protest, Matthew Block pulled out of the Animal Transportation Association conference (read below post).
Because Mr. Block was going to be the focus of today’s protest, ARFF canceled the event. Thanks to everyone who contacted the Animal Transportation Association about Mr. […]

If you were organizing a conference and you were looking for someone to talk about the international transportation of non-human primates, why would you choose someone who had spent time in federal prison for smuggling endangered species? That’s the question we’d like to ask the Animal Transportation Association (ATA).
Next week, the ATAŚ-whose members include FedEx, […]