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Archive for February, 2010

Free Tilikum!

The death yesterday of a “trainer” at SeaWorld in Orlando has captured the attention of media around the world. ARFF spoke to the ABC affiliate in Palm Beach County (view here). If something good comes out of this tragedy, it might be that the incident has turned a spotlight to the issue of marine mammals […]

Last week, it was announced that a seven-year-old from Tennessee had won the first ever Little Debbie Look-A-Like Contest. For some reason, Miss Florida USA 2010 Megan Clementi was a guest judge at the competition in Atlanta, Georgia. Even more perplexing was that Ms. Clementi showed up at the event wearing a full-length mink coat. […]

This week The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) met in Apalachicola. Probably the most talked-about item on the agenda was a discussion of fox penning. In this blood sport, dogs are encouraged to attack foxes and coyotes confined inside a fenced enclosure. The Commission voted to institute a temporary ban on fox penning […]

Last week, New Times Broward-Palm Beach interviewed Chef Jamie Pruitt from Wild Olives restaurant in Boca Raton. When Chef Pruitt was asked, “If you came back in your next life as a food item, what would it be?”, his response was a surprise: “I’d like to come back as a duck. I think a lot […]

Circus thumbs its nose at Lake County

Early last week, an ARFF member spotted a poster advertising performances of the Liebling Brothers Circus, February 12-14, in Sorrento, a town in Lake County. Liebling Brothers travels with a female African elephant named Nosey, two monkeys and several ponies. Knowing this circus’ horrible history of poor animal care, ARFF contacted Lake County to make […]

In May 2002, a dark secret of Florida’s dog racing industry was revealed with the arrest of Robert Rhodes, a former security guard at the Pensacola Greyhound Track. At his property across the state line in Alabama, investigators found mounds of bones and unearthed the carcasses of several recently-killed greyhounds. Rhodes confessed that for years […]

The power of the pen (or keyboard)

Last weekend the Town of Jupiter hosted its annual “Jupiter Jubilee” celebration. Local resident Michelle Rivera attended the event with her grandson. The event was a success, but for one detail. Helium balloons were handed out to children. During the time Michelle was at the event, she watched no less than a dozen balloons float […]

See you at the fair?

Fair season has begun. This week the Florida State Fair kicked off, and the Charlotte County Fair and Collier County Fair also opened their gates. Next week is the start of the Osceola County Fair, followed by the Pasco County Fair, the Central Florida Fair, and others.
Fairs are great for funnel cakes, demolition derbies, talent […]

A stolen pig and “average” birds

Last Saturday, “Boo,” an 11-month-old, 215-pound pig was stolen from an enclosure maintained by the Future Farmers of America program at Armwood High School in Seffner. The pigs owner, 15-year-old Ema Rivera, told the St. Petersburg Times that she feared her pig would be killed, “I thought that whoever took her might use her in a barbecue.”
On […]

$3 billion worth of birds

Last week was “Florida Birding & Wildlife Watching and Natural Resource Education Week.” The proclamation by Florida Governor Charlie Crist coincided with the Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival, which wrapped-up yesterday in Titusville. The festival is the largest of its kind in the country, and draws thousands of visitors from around the world to Brevard […]