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Everyone knows that for kids to be safe on Halloween, they should never eat unwrapped candy and always travel in groups, preferably with an adult.
But with Halloween just a couple days away, here are a few tips to keep your companion animals safe as well:
• Keep dogs and cats confined to a closed bedroom, so they […]

Next week the Southeastern Circuit Finals Rodeo comes to Davie, Florida. Organizers are promoting the rodeo as “the biggest event in the history of Davie.” On Friday (November 6), CBS4 News’ Chief Meteorologist David Bernard will broadcast live from the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds.
Shortly after Bernard finishes his telecast, the rodeo will begin. During the Tie […]

Bestiality is not expressly outlawed in Florida. This week there were two disturbing reminders of why it is necessary to update Florida law and prohibit the sexual abuse of animals.
On Thursday, a 21-year-old Orlando man was in court for a hearing related to his arrest earlier this year on charges of animal abuse. Laszlo Arsenio […]

Congratulations are in order

It is one of the best beginnings to a newspaper column that we’ve read in a long time. Dan Moffett has been writing for the Palm Beach Post for more than 20 years. His column in Monday’s paper began with a wonderful statement, “I am proud to announce that, beginning today, I will live the […]

It can be tough to let go

There are some unhappy fans of manatees on Florida’s west coast. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to release five long time residents of Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. “Amanda”, “Electra”, “Ariel”, “Betsy” and “Lorelei” are female manatees who have lived in the enclosed park for many years, where they starred in daily […]

Tuesday’s St. Petersburg Times reported on a new youth hunt that will take place this month on land in Manatee County managed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (Swiftmud). 20 children, ages 8 to 16, will hide inside camoflaged blinds and use rifles to kill pigs who have the misfortune to walk by. 
Youth hunts […]

On Tuesday, Orange County Mayor Richard Crotty declared the month of October as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month.” The proclamation included this statement, “the link between domestic violence and animal abuse is well documented, and battered women are often unable to escape abusive situations because they worry about what will happen to their pets.” The proclamation […]

House fire exposes another problem

Tuesday morning in Daytona Beach, a house owned by a woman trying to care for an estimated 80 cats caught fire. Sadly, nine cats died in the fire.
Having 80 cats in a house not only is illegal in Daytona Beach, it is not a healthy or safe place for humans or animals. While people who […]

Two different deaths in the ocean

Whales and sharks are the ocean’s largest inhabitants. Understandably, they have long been subjects of fascination. But that does not mean the two animals are treated the same in Florida, as we learned again this week.
On Sunday, a dead 41-foot-long female Bryde’s whale was spotted in Tampa Bay and towed to shore. It is rare […]

We love letter writers!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: taking advantage of your local paper’s letters page is a great way to spread pro-animal messages.
For example, Saturday’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune included a letter by Gundl Bhutani that encouraged readers to avoid foie gras. “Foie gras, touted as a gourmet delicacy to entice the palate, is really […]

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