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Archive for April, 2009

According to today’s Palm Beach Daily News, the Wachovia branch in Palm Beach (formerly First National Bank) has announced that it is closing its fur storage vault. Apparently, for decades the temperature-controlled room had kept the island’s fur coats safe from Florida’s humidity.
“In 2009, it just doesn’t make sense for the company,” said Wachovia spokesperson […]

On Monday, the Fort Pierce City Commission gave final approval to an ordinance that will require people who donít spay or neuter their animals to pay higher licensing fees (it will cost $75 to register and license unsterilized cats and dogs, compared to $10 for sterilized animals). St. Lucie County adopted a similar ordinance in […]

Foxes safe in their den

It’s one of the best photos we’ve seen in a while, and it’s matched with a great story. Last week, workers at Greenwood Cemetery, a municipal cemetery operated by the City of Orlando, spotted five young red fox kits playing among the headstones. “They were all out on the grass rolling around, biting each other […]

Yesterday, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) met in Tallahassee and unanimously approved a draft rule to ban large-scale, commercial hunting of freshwater turtles in Florida.
In a press release announcing the vote, an FWC spokesperson sounded justifiably proud, “This draft rule represents the most comprehensive set of protections and conservation measures for freshwater […]

Last weekend, ARFF held demonstrations against the Shrine Circus in Palm Beach Gardens. During one of our protests on Saturday, a women driving in to the circus slowed her car to tell us that she agreed that the circus is bad for animals, but she was concerned that hospitals may close.
She was referring to recent […]

Look just like Madonna or Jennifer Lopez! That’s the promise of a South Florida company called Aira Cosmetics that is marketing false eyelashes made from mink hairs. In an attempt to assuage the concerns of shoppers with a conscience, their website includes this disclaimer, “Mink Eyelashes are made of individually selected mink fur hairs that […]

Last week, Fort Lauderdale-based Pizza Fusion– home of the “Very Vegan” pizza (crimini mushrooms, roasted garlic, tomato sauce and casein-free, soy cheese)– announced that it had signed its first international franchise agreement with a company in Saudi Arabia. The first restaurant is to open in Jeddah in June, with additional locations planned for Riyadh and […]

Last week, the 60-day 2009 legislative session reached the halfway mark. So far, several important animal protection bills have made progress. But there is a lot more work to be done!
Legislation to protect animals from sexual predation (House Bill 273 and Senate Bill 448) has been unanimously approved by committees in both the State House […]