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Archive for March, 2009

Allison Dinsmore, a teacher at Congress Middle School in Boynton Beach, abandoned two cats at an apartment she had been renting in Boca Raton. The cats died horrifically of starvation and dehydration, after languishing alone and without food or water for over a month. Yesterday, Dinsmore was charged with two counts of felony cruelty to […]

The Panama City Beach City Council has dispelled any doubts about their feelings concerning horse-drawn carriages. For many years, carriage horses have been prohibited along the beach during the spring and summer months. But at a recent meeting, the city council decided to outlaw all horse-drawn carriages as well as the riding or driving of […]

Next week, Miami-Dade County’s anti-chaining law goes into effect. The law makes it illegal to tether or chain a dog outside unless the owner is present. “Our goal is to protect our residents and pets” said Dr. Sara Pizano, Director of Miami-Dade Animal Services. “Studies show that tethered dogs are 2.8 times more likely to […]

Today ARFF is featured in a report about alligator wrestling on BBC News Online, the most popular news website in the United Kingdom. Follow this link to view the story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7941699.stm

Reggie is free!

As of this afternoon, Reggie the “horse-riding spider monkey” is still enjoying his freedom in the wilds of Lake County. On Friday, before a performance of the Liebling Bros. Circus at the North Lake Flea Market in Fruitland Park, the owner of the circus failed to properly latch the door to Reggie’s cage. Spider monkeys […]

It should have been an educational week for students at Pompano Beach Middle School. As part of a project created by teacher Linda Kal Sander, students are learning about the Iditarod sled dog race. According to an article in the Miami Herald, each student has been assigned to a dog sled and musher, and are […]

Hamadryas baboons can be found in large groups in Northeast Africa and parts of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Sadly, they can also be found in a Stockmarketvideo.com commercial.
In movies, television shows and advertisements, monkeys and apes are often depicted as caricatures of humans, dressed in clothes and placed in contrived poses. The use of monkeys […]

The 2009 legislative session began on Tuesday in Tallahassee. The biggest challenge facing legislators this year is fixing a billion dollar budget gap, and the House Finance and Tax Committee quickly got to work by discussing whether to continue dozens of sales tax exemptions that were added over the years to benefit various industries. Among […]

Last week, a 3,000-pound manatee named “Rita” was released into the waters of Blue Spring State Park in central Florida after 26 years in captivity. She was tagged and will be monitored to make sure she remains healthy. In 1982 Rita became entangled in a crab trap and was brought to SeaWorld in Orlando for […]