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Animal emotions and why they matter

“Many animals display their feelings openly, publicly, for anyone to see. And when we pay attention, what we see outside tells us lots about what’s happening inside an individual’s head and heart. Careful scientific research is validating what we intuitively understand: that animals feel, and their emotions are as important to them as ours are […]

One pit bull saved, others at risk

After an 11-month wait, “Dedra”, a 2-year-old pit bull (in the photo getting a bath), is now available for adoption at the Lake City Animal Shelter.
In February 2008, Columbia County Sheriff’s deputies found seven pit bulls, and the body of a dead dog, at a home in Fort White. At least one of the dogs […]

It’s that time of year again, when Girl Scouts tempt us, or guilt us, into buying cookies. Thankfully, several Girl Scout cookies are vegan. That’s the good news. The bad news is that individual Girl Scout councils in Florida purchase cookies from one of two official bakers, and only one of these bakers (ABC Bakers) […]

The circus has left the state

After this evening’s show in Jacksonville, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will leave the state for colder climates. Each winter, beginning in late December, Ringling spends several weeks in Florida and then heads north. Again this year, animal advocates met the circus in West Palm Beach, Tampa, Miami, Orlando and in Jacksonville.
ARFF’s […]

“It is the largest of all land animals. It can survive more than 70 years in the wild and in a single day can drink 67 gallons of water and walk up to 30 miles. So what, you may want to know, is it doing tethered to a chain in a boxcar reeking of feces […]

It’s been a bad month for chicken farmers in Florida.
Pilgrim’s Pride, the nation’s largest chicken producer, filed for bankruptcy protection in December. To cut costs, the company eliminated over 500 jobs at its enormous slaughterhouse/processing plant in Live Oak. Then the company terminated the contracts of 19 farmers in Suwannee and neighboring counties who raise […]

Those were the surprisingly honest words of Chuck Emling, president of the Board of Directors of The Zoo Northwest Florida, in Gulf Breeze.
Mr. Emling was referring to the controversy over the possible separation of a 3-year-old orangutan at The Zoo from her mother (see photo). Last month, the financially struggling zoo accepted a $100,000 loan […]

The University of Florida Gators are college football’s national champions. Prior to Thursday’s game, Florida Governor Charlie Crist made a friendly wager with Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry– if the University of Oklahoma Sooners beat the Gators, Governor Crist would send Governor Henry a box of oranges. If the Gators won, Governor Crist would receive steaks […]

Lessons from a bow and arrow

This week the Tampa Tribune profiled a curious youth archery program in Plant City. Dennis Pawlowski, one of its founders, described the mission of the Trinity Special Sportsman Ministries as introducing children to the outdoors “so they can better appreciate all God’s creatures.” The article described how Pawlowski’s older son, Noah, age 9, practices at […]

Beneath the clown makeup

A team of two clowns has been criss-crossing the state juggling, balancing plates and generating interest in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which begins shows next week in Tampa, Tallahassee and Miami.
In early December, the clowns put on shows for children at six elementary schools in the Tallahassee area. A couple weeks […]