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Archive for October, 2008

You’re Too Kind

This week at the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida we couldn’t be more proud of Nanci Alexander, who has volunteered as ARFF’s President since our organization was founded almost 20 years ago. Did Nanci win an award? Not exactly.
On Tuesday, Nanci was featured in an editorial titled “The Animal Ag Industries 5 Biggest Enemies” which […]

This week Perdue Farms, one of the country’s largest poultry companies, came to Broward County looking for people willing to move to Delaware to work long hours cutting apart chicken carcasses. Starting pay would be $9 an hour, and the company will put you up in a hotel for the first month, drive you to […]

Our quote of the week (above) comes from Pat Biddix, general manager of the Melbourne Greyhound Park. It’s no secret that greyhound racing in Florida is a dying sport (quite literally for racing dogs). But it’s a little surprising to hear so blunt of an assessment from inside the racing industry.
In an article in Monday’s […]

Bored with Florida’s cockroaches?

It seems that the State of Florida is always a step behind in addressing the many challenges posed by non-native wildlife. State biologists are tracking pythons in the Everglades, hunting Gambian pouch rats in the Florida Keys and warning about lionfish in waters off Florida’s Atlantic coast– all animals introduced into Florida’s environment via the […]

Walt Disney World has announced that it has dropped foie gras from its menus. Foie gras at Disney? Actually, four restaurants at Walt Disney World– including Victoria and Albert’s, the restaurant at Disney’s flagship Grand Floridian Resort– served foie gras, a product made from the diseased liver of force-fed ducks and geese.
Birds raised for foie gras […]

Later this month, the infamous Cole Bros. Circus will be setting up its tent in the parking lot of the Lake Square Mall in Leesburg. Inside the mall, Scrappin’ Spot, “Lake County’s Largest Scrapbook Store,” is selling circus tickets.
Perhaps they aren’t aware that the Cole Bros. Circus has repeatedly refused to retire aging elephants, even […]

At last month’s Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) meeting in Jacksonville, hunters asked that Florida resurrect a hunting season for black bears (Florida’s bear hunt was halted in 1994 to protect the animals whose numbers had drastically declined). Since the meeting, we’ve learned what hunters mean when they ask for a return of bear […]

Countdown: Lex Salisbury

We’ve begun another count related to Lex Salisbury. Our original count began in April when 15 monkeys escaped from Safari Wild, an exotic animal park under development in Polk County. The monkeys enjoyed several weeks of freedom in the wilds of Florida; five of the monkeys have still not been recaptured.
Our new count is how […]

Those were the welcome words of Richard Klimas, a member of the Hernando Cattlemen’s Association, offering an explanation for why they “pulled the plug” on the annual Hernando County Rodeo after 31 years. In an article in yesterday’s St. Petersburg Times, the association admitted that it had lost several thousand dollars on last year’s rodeo […]

Early last Saturday at a ranch in Indian River County, three men broke a fence, shot a six-month-old cow, cut apart the animal’s body and then took parts home with them in a truck. The calf’s head was thrown into a ditch. Sheriff’s deputies investigating the killing followed a trail of blood to the home […]