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Archive for July, 2008

Last week the Miami Herald ran an article promoting “Lemur Experience,” a new money-making scheme at Miami’s Jungle Island. For many years the owner of this quasi-zoo, Bern Levine, has been breeding birds, orangutans and other exotic animals for profit. His latest idea to prop-up the financially-troubled attraction is allowing visitors to interact with lemurs.
Today […]

Have you ever heard of the “European approach” to confronting dog and cat overpopulation? Apparently, it has something to do with breeding animals for fun and profit.
Friday’s Gainesville Sun reported on a University of Florida professor and his wife who have sued the university after an obstetrics/gynecology program that they ran was eliminated as part […]

Even if you did not care that the Shriners are the largest sponsors of circuses in America– or that they regularly hire circuses with horrible records of animal abuse and neglect– it has become clear that the Shriners of North America is not a charity that you should trust with your donation.
An article in today’s […]

Horse-drawn carriage overturns

Accidents involving horse-drawn carriages in St. Augustine are as routine as rain during the summer months in Florida. This year is no exception. Yesterday a carriage overturned after the horse “made a sharper turn than expected,” according to police. Three passengers were taken to Flagler Hospital, but thankfully there were no serious injuries (and the […]

As difficult as it is to hear reports of animal cruelty, we are often encouraged to learn of Floridians standing up and demanding justice for the victims.
“On her way to Walgreens, Denise Pribe didn’t expect to see three small kittens being thrown from a truck traveling in front of her on a rural North Lakeland […]

The value of female animals

Sunday’s Miami Herald included an article about the financial ups-and-downs of cattle ranching in Florida. In the article’s opening scene, as a vet performs sonograms on a group of cows, rancher Wes Williamson describes a sad reality for female animals in agriculture, “Every cow has to produce a calf every year, or she has to […]

Pets in America

There’s only a few weeks left to check out the “Pets In America” exhibit at the Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee. The exhibit tells “the story of our lives at home with animals” through dozens of portraits and other photographs, vintage pet food packaging, antique collars and other historical objects. Unfortunately, Tallahassee is the […]

If you answered yes to these questions, Florida Atlantic University needs you for a research study that is due to begin this summer. (Did we mention that most likely you will be killed at the end of the study?)
The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida is opposed to the use of animals in research and testing […]

Safe travel for dogs

It’s a scary sight– a pickup truck on a busy road with a dog fighting to keep his balance in the back. Fortunately, this scene is against the law in many Florida cities and counties. Recently, Walton County became the latest municipality to specifically address the safety of animals in vehicles. Walton County’s new ordinance, […]

In recent years there has been a positive change in the way we view sharks. More and more Floridians recognize sharks as magnificent creatures who are essential to the ocean ecosystem. Unfortunately, some people still need convincing. Each summer several shark killing tournaments take place in coastal communities in Florida. These cruel and senseless events contribute […]

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