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It’s been one month since the Humane Society of the United States exposed the widespread abuse of injured and sick dairy cows at a California slaughterhouse, and the story is still in the news (this week the USDA tried to defend itself in testimony before Congress). Video footage from the HSUS investigation has caused many […]

Meat-free parenting

If you shop at Publix, next time you’re in the store pick up a copy of their free “GreenWise Market” publication. The March issue features a how-to about cooking artichokes, an article about composting kitchen scraps (you can’t compost meat and dairy!) and some interesting recipes. But what we were really excited to see was […]

On Saturday, south Florida’s first “Nonnative Pet Amnesty Day” was held at Miami Metrozoo. The goal of the event was to provide “an alternative for pet owners who would otherwise be tempted to release their unwanted exotic animals into the wild.” It was a huge success. Over 150 animals were surrendered, including iguanas, turtles, 12 […]

We don’t envy the FWC Division of Law Enforcement. Keeping track of the hundreds of tigers, bears, monkeys and other animals in private possession in Florida is undoubtedly a difficult job. When violations are found, it is understandable that the FWC is reluctant to revoke licenses or confiscate animals. After all, legitimate sanctuaries are already […]

Unfortunate end for prison escapee

On Saturday, a six-year-old dolphin named “Wilson” was found dead in the waters off Grassy Key. The dolphin had escaped from the Dolphin Connection marine park in the Florida Keys in mid-January. It was a bold escape. A Dolphin Connection representative told the Keynoter newspaper that they had no idea how he escaped, “Our staff […]

Confronting animal hoarding

Animal hoarding is a horrible problem, for the animals and humans involved. Unfortunately, it is also a common problem. Last week alone there were five horrific cases in Florida:
12 dogs, a cat and a Burmese python were removed from a fithy home east of Brooksville, in Hernando County. The dogs were infested with fleas and […]

In 1974, Florida became the first state in the country to ban the use of leghold traps. Since then, seven other states (as well as approx. 90 countries around the world) have banned or severely restricted use of the notoriously inhumane traps. Of course, laws mean nothing without enforcement.
Recently, officers from the Florida Fish & […]

Last week, the Humane Society of the United States released video from an undercover investigation at a California slaughterhouse. The video is difficult to watch, but it is proof that abuses are common at our nation’s slaughterhouses. The fact that the cows in the video being rammed with a forklift, dragged by their legs, and […]

This week on the website of the American Kennel Club, under “Legislative Alerts,” the first two issues that they want breeders and dog fanciers to get involved in are spay/neuter ordinances in Palm Beach County and in Los Angeles. The AKC opposes any restrictions on breeding. Thankfully, their efforts were not successful.
Last week, the Los […]

One less tiger breeder?

For several years, ARFF has been following the travels of an animal exhibitor named Thunderhawk Big Cat Rescue. Each month, Ray Thunderhawk would load a truck full of tigers and drive them across the state for appearances at bars, tattoo conventions and flea markets. We have pleaded with Mr. Thunderhawk to stop not only his […]

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