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Archive for December, 2007

By now you’ve heard about the fatal mauling of a visitor by a tiger at the San Francisco Zoo. It’s a story that’s been hard to miss this week, and media in Florida have tried to find a local angle on the story by interviewing “experts” in their community.
Some of the stories were humorous. First […]

One more excellent letter

We have to make an important addition to our previous entry. Yesterday’s Palm Beach Post printed a guest commentary by Duncan Strauss about the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The circus will be performing later this week in West Palm Beach.
The commentary is titled, “For the love of animals, avoid the circus,” and […]

Letter writers get it right

The editorial page is one of the most popular sections of a newspaper. Keeping this in mind, we always encourage animal activists to ‘pick up the pen’ and have their say on issues important to them. This week we were happy to read several excellent letters.
Eva Bromberek wrote to the St. Augustine Record about a […]

Cruel rancher receives his sentence

Last Friday, rancher Michael Swails was sentenced to 60 days in jail, and another five years probation, for abandoning over 100 cows to die. (Click here, here and here to read background of the case.) Swails was originally charged with 120 counts of cruelty to animals, a recognition that each animal in the herd suffered […]

Late Saturday evening, a car ran into the rear of a horse-drawn carriage in downtown St. Augustine. According to a police department spokesperson, the horse “took off running” but was not injured. (The carriage drivers were not as lucky and suffered unspecified injuries.)
For many years, ARFF has argued that horses do not belong on St. […]

“Responsible breeder” - an oxymoron

Last night, ARFF representatives attended a town hall meeting in West Palm Beach that brought together purebred dog fanciers, staff from Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control, and concerned citizens to discuss a proposed ordinance that would require owners of dogs and cats in Palm Beach County to spay or neuter their animals. We […]

Identity issues

Last month, the Kenneth City Town Council passed an ordinance that prohibits the feeding of wild animals on private property (the town already had an ordinance banning the feeding of wildlife on public property). Although they are not named in the ordinance, it was directed at Muscovy ducks. The birds have been the subject of […]

What birds see

The world is getting smaller, with a little help from the internet. Satellite maps, such as Microsoft’s Virtual Earth or Google Maps, give us a birds-eye view of businesses previously hidden behind locked gates, and also provide us with a new perspective on places we may already be familiar with.
The mapping services aren’t perfect. Images […]