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“Seeing feces and feed in the same sentence can have a potentially unhealthy effect on public perceptions.” That was the understated conclusion in a feature article in the current issue of Miami New Times. The article, “Meat You Might Not Want to Eat,” explored the practice of feeding waste from chicken farms to cows.
Egg farmers […]

Stop the Breeding to Stop the Killing

Last week, Palm Beach County took a big step forward in its battle against dog and cat overpopulation. At the November 20 Board of County Commissioners meeting, commissioners voted unanimously to double the licensing fee for unsterlized pets. The change takes effect January 1. Animal Care and Control Director Dianne Sauve told the Palm Beach […]

We’re happy to report that the idea of a turkey-free Thanksgiving continues to fascinate the media. Today, two of Florida’s largest newspapers reviewed events that celebrate a cruelty-free holiday.
The Orlando Sentinel reported on ARFF’s 4th Annual Thanksgiving potluck, which took place yesterday in Longwood’s Big Tree Park (the paper called the event “Thanksgiving with a […]

Floridian Danielle Nastri was recently awarded 1st Prize (USA Region) in the annual Design Against Fur poster contest. Click here to view Danielle’s design, and the many other creative, compelling designs. Voting is now open for the competition’s People’s Choice Award. Cast your vote here, and please consider voting for Danielle!
Speaking of the cruel fur […]

A day without circuses?

That was the possibility explored in the Orlando Sentinel this week. In an article about the Cole Brothers Circus, ARFF’s protests were mentioned, along with the circus’ recent history of USDA citations and an incident in which an elephant now traveling with the circus trampled and killed a handler. But what we found most encouraging […]

Florida. Population: 456 tigers

A special report in Sunday’s St. Petersburg Times hopefully opened eyes about the serious problem of “exotic pets” in Florida. The report began by summarizing the problem, “Florida remains a haven for menageries. State records show about 4,500 people or businesses hold licenses to own everything from bears to boa constrictors.”
Among the many interesting points […]

By coincidence, the St. Petersburg Times report came out on the same day that they reported the rescue of a lion and five tigers from a property in Inverness. Late on Friday, state wildlife officers removed the big cats from the property of Susan MacKay, who used to run a roadside zoo (Wild Bill’s Airboat […]

Stick up for fish

Reports of animal cruelty are always difficult to read, but we can take some comfort in the news when arrests have been made. This week, there were two incidents in Florida in which law enforcement responded quickly and appropriately to accusations of animal cruelty.
On Monday, sheriff’s deputies in Pinellas County arrested two teens on charges of […]

Dogfighters behind bars

Another important story this week was the arrest of three men in Santa Rosa County accused of operating what police described as a major, multistate dogfighting operation.
Raymond Teamer, of Milton, was arrested Monday night after a traffic stop. In his car, sheriff’s deputies found two injured pit bulls. On Teamer’s property, deputies found 30 adult […]

Focus on feral cats

This week was “Feral Cat Week” in Orange County. The declaration is intended to highlight the county’s trap-neuter-return program. TNR can be an effective long-term approach to dealing with feral cats, and more humane than the traditional trap & euthanize option.
In Orange County, feral and abandoned cats are trapped, sterilized, vaccinated for rabies and treated […]