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Archive for April, 2007

Yesterday’s St. Petersburg Times featured an article about the many ethical choices facing chefs these days. It’s true that there are many things to think about when choosing what to eat, and some issues are open to debate, but we are certain about one thing — foie gras is a cruel and unnecessary food.
In the […]

This week Florida lawmakers adopted a resolution recognizing the week of June 17-23, 2007, as “Humane Society Appreciation Week” in Florida.
The resolution, which was introduced by Representative Faye Culp and Senator James King*, recognized the important work of Florida’s 48 humane societies. The resolution notes the “estimated 800,000 or more unwanted and stray animals” who […]

We often hear hunters claim to be conservationists; their actions tell a different story.
The most recent example of this was on Wednesday in the waters off of Destin when a boat of men spotted a large mako shark. They got close enough to hook the 12-foot, 1000+ pound animal, and after being stabbed with several […]

Handouts may not help Muscovy ducks

Tonight, the Cooper City commission will discuss creating a law to prohibit residents from feeding wildlife. The impetus for the law is a long-running dispute between one local woman who likes Muscovy ducks and her neighbors who are tired of duck poop on their lawn and patio.
We understand how duck droppings can be unpleasant, and […]

Meals on Wheels goes vegetarian

A notice in today’s Stuart News mentioned that The Council on Aging of Martin County now offers a vegetarian option for its Meals on Wheels customers in Martin County. The program delivers hot meals to the homes of senior citizens in need. The paper noted, “you don’t have to be a vegetarian to order these […]

It has been a very dry year in south Florida. We are dependent on rainfall for drinking water and the water we use in farming; the drought has taught us an important lesson about water conservation. Of course, droughts also affect animals. During a year when the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission has proposed […]

68 cats, 12 puppies, rabbits, ferrets and a bird died in a tragic fire that destroyed the Jacksonville Humane Society early Saturday morning. But it could have been worse. According to humane society staff on the scene, firefighters made an extraordinary effort to rescue animals. One firefighter, Jacksonville Fire Capt. Scott Dennis, who was opening […]

This week the St. Lucie County Commission unanimously approved an ordinance that makes the registration fee for dogs and cats ten times higher for animals who have not been spayed or neutered. (For a sterilized dog or cat, the annual fee will be $10; the annual fee for a non-sterilized dog or cat will be […]

Stop Canada’s Cruel Seal Hunt

You have probably heard that Canada’s annual commercial hunt of baby seals has begun. As you read this, Canadian sealers are cruelly shooting and clubbing to death baby seals for their fur. Thousands of animals have already died. But did you know that Canada is Florida’s number one overall economic partner (Canada is Florida’s number […]