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Exotic reptiles win new protections

Earlier this month, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) enacted new rules concerning reptiles and other captive wildlife. The rules are a positive step in addressing the many problems associated with exotic pets.
The new rules require a permit to possess pythons, green anaconda and Nile monitor lizards. People who possess these reptiles will […]

Everyone knows that dogs and cats are protected from cruel treatment under Florida’s anti-cruelty statute. But two recent news stories highlighted the sometimes confusing mix of legal protections for other animals in Florida.
In a terrible incident in Naples a restaurant cook violently beat an armadillo with a broomstick. NBC-2 (Fort Myers) incorrectly reported that armadillos […]

Speaking of alligators . . .

It happens a lot in Florida; animals are killed because humans are stupid. Sometimes wildlife officers are forced to kill a black bear who became aggressive toward people after being fed (it is a crime to feed bears in Florida). But more often it’s alligators who are the losers when humans are careless.
On Wednesday morning, […]

Alligators are part of what makes Florida unique. Unfortunately, they are too often cruelly exploited as props symbolizing our state.
When the University of Florida football team played in the national championships in Arizona, someone brought a live alligator to the festivities outside the stadium. Media coverage of the event showed an alligator, with his mouth […]

We just don’t think it’s a good idea. A man who spent decades subjecting thousands of animals to painful tests should not become the new director of a county animal shelter. But that’s what may happen in Orange County (Florida).
Orange County is hiring a Manager for its Animal Services Division. Unfortunately, one of the leading […]

Abuse an animal, go to jail?

The news media is good at reporting on acts of cruelty to animals, but we don’t always learn what happened to the individual who was arrested. Court cases often drag on for months; it is understandable for the media to move on to the next story. But recently we learned of the conclusion of two […]

Dog rescued from ruins

There were many heartbreaking stories from last week’s storms in central Florida, but today there was some good news. One family in the City of Holly Hill had been mourning not only the loss of their home, but also a beloved Jack Russell terrier, “Fred.” But when police were patrolling the area on Sunday, they […]

You may have heard about the fire early Thursday morning at Seminole County Animal Services in Sanford. 32 cats and seven dogs died of smoke inhalation. Fortunately, firefighters were able to save over 200 animals at the shelter, including an iguana, a potbellied pig and a dog who had already been adopted but was waiting […]

Once in a while something happens that makes you wonder about the universe. Last week’s storms in central Florida caused tremendous damage and our hearts go out to the hundreds of suddenly homeless people and animals. At least one very strong tornado passed over the City of DeLand, the long-time winter home of the Clyde […]

February 18 marks the Chinese New Year, and 2007 will be the “The Year of the Boar.” By coincidence, this weekend three Florida newspapers wrote about wild pigs.
According to an article in Sunday’s Sarasota Herald Tribune, wild pigs have turned up at gated communities and at a new golf course in Manatee County. Wild pigs […]

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