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New captive wildlife regulations to be voted on at the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission’s meeting next week (February 7-8) in Destin have been the subject of several media stories in recent days.
Most notably, the proposed regulations will make it more complicated and expensive to purchase several species of exotic reptiles, such as the […]

Last Friday, WTVJ Ch. 6 reported on a mutilated pit bull who was found by a Miami-Dade police officer. “The ears were a mess, one was cut off, they had fishing line wrapped around and pinned, someone wanted to amputate both ears to make her look mean,” explained a veterinarian who treated the dog. In […]

Lucky duck

Of the thousands of ducks and other migratory birds who have been shot in Florida this hunting season, one bird not only survived but has helped to highlight the cruelty of hunting. If you haven’t heard the story, here’s a summary: a female ring-necked duck was shot on January 15 by local hunter Dale Tadlock, […]

Sad life of chimpanzee performers

The Manatee County Fair wraps-up this weekend, and with the end of the fair six chimpanzees will get back on the road for performances at another venue somewhere else in the country. Each year, the Rosaire-Zoppe chimps travel the country performing at county fairs, boat shows and other events.
An article in last week’s Bradenton Herald […]

There are few encounters with wild animals in Florida that are as exciting as catching a glimpse of a dolphin in the ocean. Dolphin-watching tours can be a good way for people to see these magnificent animals, and can teach important lessons. For example, watching dolphins in their natural habitat can help people recognize the […]

The miserable Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is in Jacksonville and Sarasota this week (click here for details of ARFF’s protest in Sarasota).
Although this may not be the last year that the circus performs in Florida, there are signs that perhaps Ringling’s show is in decline.
Activists outside the American Airlines Arena in Miami […]

“Police Break Up Cockfight, Arrest 11″ - “Mauled pit bull pup put down” - “Deltona officers find pit bulls chained, scarred” - “Four men arrested after rooster fight”
These depressing headlines are from Florida newspapers in the past few weeks. Animal fighting continues to be a serious problem in Florida.
The efforts of animal advocates helped to […]

Police and veterinarians in Escambia County have called it the worst case of animal cruelty they’ve ever seen.
Saturday evening a man in Pensacola who heard a dog whimpering looked over his neighbor’s fence and saw, “a dog’s nose poking out of the ground.” It took half an hour for the man and animal control officers […]

“Dissection Day” at Cape Coral Charter School was the subject of a story in Friday’s News-Press. For the 150 or so middle school students who attended the lesson, the cutting open of frozen fish may have been entertaining, but we’re not sure what the children learned?
The article described how “[Science teacher Lynn] Cloum did manage […]

Cruelty charges have finally been filed relating to a horrible case of animal cruelty that happened last August in North Key Largo. At least 15 cats were killed when workers with the Miami-based company Termite & Fumigation Division tented a building and filled the tent with toxic chemicals– despite being alerted to the fact that […]

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