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Next weekend (Jan. 6-7), the “Professional Bull Riding Challenger Tour” will visit the St. Lucie County Fairgrounds in Ft. Pierce. Again this year, proceeds from the event will benefit the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter.
In bull riding events, animals are physically provoked into displaying “wild” behavior through the use of bucking straps or electric prods. […]

This week the Orlando Sentinel reported the arrival of two cougars at Uncle Donald’s Farm, a petting zoo in Lady Lake. The animals were donated from Savage Kingdom, an infamous breeding facility for exotic big cats in Center Hill.
For decades, Robert Baudy, the owner of Savage Kingdom, sold tigers, panthers, leopards and other animals to […]

Good news for vegetarian students in Palm Beach County. The school district will be adding two new meatless entrees to school menus in the new year.
When students return to school on January 9th, meatless lasagna will be on the menu. A fruit, yogurt & cheese plate will be another option for vegetarian students. Food service […]

Last month, visitors and staff at the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Collier County were excited at the discovery of an unusually-colored tree frog. The green treefrog is blue, a rare genetic anomaly. Sanctuary staff declared it a “miracle” that the frog survived being eaten by herons or egrets or snakes, considering she is missing the […]

Fur: How can I get rid of it?

Of course, a fur coat or any garment with fur trim would be a horrible holiday gift. Today’s “Action Line” column in the Miami Herald featured a question from a woman in Coral Gables trying to find a responsible way to dispose of inherited mink coats. The woman wrote that her sister doesn’t want the […]

Animals make poor holiday gifts

Today’s Sun-Sentinel included an important article about giving animals as gifts. The article began, “It might seem like a great holiday gift: a cute puppy or kitten under the Christmas tree or wrapped up for Hanukkah. But that picture-perfect present could be a big mistake, say animal welfare advocates.”
The article made it clear that welcoming […]

Bob Barker was in the news again this week for his extraordinary efforts on behalf of animals. The retiring host of The Price Is Right has pledged $300,000 toward housing an elephant from the Los Angeles Zoo in an animal sanctuary. Activists in California are trying to convince the zoo to close its elephant exhibit […]

Last week we learned of an incident in which a cougar mauled a 4-year-old girl at a birthday party in Coral Gables. The child suffered serious injuries to her face; sadly, the cougar was euthanized as part of a rabies test. This week the Miami Herald published two excellent letters about the incident.
Miami resident Linda […]

This week the Orlando Sentinel reported on “the largest dogfighting investigation in Central Florida in decades.” On Sunday, police responding to a tip arrived at a property in Apopka and discovered dozens of dogs, many with injuries, and a “blood-soaked” wooden ring. Officers also found skulls and other animal bones in nearby woods. In total, […]

Death by the pound

Yesterday, the Bradenton Herald printed an update on the investigation into a fire that damaged an aquaculture research building at the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota.
The paper reported that the fire in July killed “53,000 pounds of sturgeon that were being raised in 16 fiberglass tanks.” Is it possible that the Mote researchers did not […]

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