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“Animal rights activists aren’t happy with the plan for ridding Boca Grande of pesky iguana.” This is how an article in yesterday’s Fort Myers News-Press began. The article provided an update on Lee County’s plans to kill iguanas on Gasparilla Island, and mentioned ARFF’s objections to putting iguanas into a freezer to die, “The Animal […]

ARFF counters circus ads

The Ringling Bros. circus has begun advertising its upcoming performances in Florida. On Friday, the Sun-Sentinel newspaper published a letter from ARFF that reminded readers of the cruel reality behind the “glitz and glamour” of the circus. ARFF’s letter asked, “Imagine what it must be like to live either chained or confined in a small […]

On Sunday, a Florida panther was struck and killed by a vehicle in Collier County, the 10th panther to be killed this year– making 2006 the deadliest year on record for the endangered animals (there are less than 100 panthers remaining). Unfortunately, the future does not look bright; U.S. 41, near where the panther was […]

Another reason to avoid exotic pets

An excellent Associated Press story about the health risks of owning exotic pets appeared in several Florida newspapers this week.
The article began with a dire warning, “Exotic animals captured in the wild are streaming across the U.S. border by the millions with little or no screening for disease, leaving Americans vulnerable to a virulent outbreak […]

The media loves Tofurky

This year, as in previous years, there have been many news reports about vegetarian Thanksgivings. Thankfully, all the articles we read this year were positive and noted the growing interest in meatless Thanksgiving celebrations and the growing resources available on alternatives to the traditional turkey.
Last Friday, Palm Beach Post Columnist Frank Cerabino wrote about a […]

Penguins at 30,000 feet?!

On Friday, the Orlando Sentinel’s “Tourism Central Florida” blog featured a curious story about a Delta flight from Washington, D.C. to Orlando. At one point during the flight, two SeaWorld trainers left their seats and walked down the aisles with two penguins! According to writer Beth Kassab, passengers were surprised but, “No one was allowed to […]

In October we told you about a rancher from Immokalee who is facing 120 counts of animal cruelty (including five felony counts) resulting from his abandonment of a herd of cows back in 2004. By the time concerned citizens contacted authorities, several cows had died of malnutrition. This week, the rancher (Michael Swails) was in […]

We are always happy to read about people speaking up for animals. But it can be depressing how often people are willing to defend “beautiful” or rare animals, and at the same time ignore the suffering of more common animals.
This week the Palm Beach Post published a story about a peregrine falcon who lives on […]

Award-winning CBS 4/UPN 33 reporter and anchor Jennifer Santiago has produced another excellent report about animals in Florida.
Her recent feature, “Fighting To Keep Your Pets In Condos,” describes efforts to change Florida law to give more power to condominium residents in challenging “No-Pet” rules. For many elderly or disabled residents, the companionship of a dog […]

Zoo animals make a break for it

Yesterday, two cougars escaped through a hole in their cage at The Zoo Northwest Florida in Gulf Breeze. They made it less than 200 feet before being shot with tranquilizer darts. The incident happened one day after an employee at the zoo was clawed by a leopard, and less than a week after a chimpanzee […]

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