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If you happened to catch NBC’s Today Show last Tuesday, you saw a trapper from a Lee County company called Iguana Busters place live iguanas into a freezer. The story was about efforts by some residents of Boca Grande, on Gasparilla Island, to reduce the numbers of black spiny iguanas (there are an estimated 12,000 […]

Bear unhappy at school

Students at Immokalee Middle School and Immokalee High School were treated to an unusual visit Thursday morning. The Naples Daily News reported that a 185-pound black bear visited the schools and ended-up hiding beneath a portable.
According to the paper, students were “excited. They thought it was cool,” but just to be safe the schools were […]

Each year in America, more than 9 billion chickens and turkeys are killed for food (over one million every hour!).
On Thursday, November 2, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Charles Bronson (who is up for re-election on November 7) will attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony opening Gold Kist’s new 180,000-square-foot poultry slaughterhouse and processing facility in Live Oak […]

Today’s Daytona Beach News-Journal reported on a shocking case of bowhunters in Pierson (west of Daytona Beach) who were planning to kill a group of potbellied pigs.
Apparently, the pigs had been abandoned by a couple going through a divorce. When they wandered onto private property it became legal to kill them, according to the Florida […]

This Sunday in the town of Ashville (a few miles from the Georgia border, in Jefferson County) Congressman Allen Boyd will hold his Annual Charity Dove Hunt. ARFF picketed and flew an airplane banner over the event a few years ago.
Did you know that doves are the most hunted bird in North America? Over 20 […]

Occasionally, accidents at horse tracks make news. But when greyhounds are injured at dog tracks (an unfortunately common occurence), it’s rare to hear about it, much less catch it on tape. Recently, a video surfaced on YouTube.com which shows an accident at the Mardi Gras Racetrack (formerly Hollywood Greyhound Track). Visit our Alerts page to […]

Udipi Cafe

Life as a vegetarian or vegan would not be as fulfilling without Indian restaurants. This week City Link newspaper reviewed Udipi Cafe in Sunrise (western Broward County). They wrote, “This family-run South Indian restaurant has an enormous, all-vegetarian menu.” The front of Udipi’s menu states, “No cruelty is involved in preparation of your superb meal.” […]

Thursday’s Sun-Sentinel included a letter from Joyce Thomas of Boca Raton who wrote about a recent cruelty case, “I would like to applaud the courageous action taken by Ronnie Medlin, who, instead of remaining indifferent to the cowardice of a neighbor’s torturing and clubbing death of a defenseless animal, stuck his neck out and reported […]

Last week, Tampa Bay WTSP Ch. 10 news reported the arrest of Joseph Kolodziej on charges of felony animal cruelty.
Mr. Kolodziej, who has a history of arrests for domestic violence, was fighting with his wife when he attacked a dog in the home, an 8 lb Pekingese.
Law enforcement has recognized the links between animal abuse […]

Many of Florida’s most amazing animals can be found in the waters off our shores. An article in Sunday’s Miami Herald profiled the goliath grouper, Florida’s largest fish.
According to the paper, the goliath grouper “commonly grows larger than a refrigerator.” They are known not only for their size, but also for being slow and gentle; […]

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