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Florida is home to three companies that provide monkeys to laboratories for use in research and testing: Primate Products, Worldwide Primates, and The Mannheimer Foundation (a fourth company, PreLabs, is constructing a new facility near Lehigh Acres).

In response to a public records request, ARFF has received copies of paperwork filed by Primate Products and The […]

Destin celebrates shark killing

We’re halfway through the month-long Destin Fishing Rodeo. The tournament may be the last one in Florida where the bodies of sharks are brought to the docks and gruesomely hung up for the amusement of the crowd (there are other catch-and-release shark fishing tournaments in Florida).
In recent years there has been a positive change in […]

The Max Planck Society is a research organization with institutes in cities across Germany. In 2012, Max Planck opened a laboratory in Jupiter, Florida, it’s first research facility in the United States.
Last week, the findings of an undercover investigation at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen, Germany were revealed. The investigation, by […]

In June 2013, laboratory animal supplier Primate Products closed its monkey quarantine facility in Doral. The building stood empty until recently. We don’t know if Primate Products has reopened the facility permanently or if it’s only temporary.
On August 6 an inspector with the U.S. Department of Agriculture visited the facility and measured high heat and […]

According to a recent article in the New York Times, biologists in Florida consider the tegu to be the “most troublesome invasive species in the Everglades.” The lizards arrived in Florida through the pet trade. The tegus in the Everglades are descended from released or escaped pets.
The National Reptile Breeders’ Expo concluded on Sunday in […]

Sick souvenirs

This week, Miami New Times reported on t-shirt shops selling dead baby sharks as souvenirs. The sharks, by-products of the commercial fishing industry, are preserved inside bottles of blue alcohol/water solution.
We don’t know why a tourist would be interested in buying the body of a dead shark. The items have been sold in tourist shops […]

When bears in Florida act aggressively or attack humans, as happened on April 12 when a woman was seriously injured by a bear outside her home in Lake Mary, the incidents are often linked to food. In the Lake Mary neighborhood where the attack occurred, bears were known to go through residents’ trash looking for […]

In late February, three managers at a dairy farm in northern Florida (Jackson County) were arrested after an inspector from the Florida Department of Agriculture found unsanitary conditions and 90 cows suffering from neglect. The inspector reported bluntly, “these animals were not being fed.”
Joe D. Clark, Richard K. Clark and Nikki Slininger, managers at Wild […]

On Saturday, February 22, Monkey Jungle in Miami will host an “African Ape Awareness Festival” featuring talks by conservationists, dance and drama performances, and a fashion show. The goal of the festival is to raise awareness of endangered chimpanzees and gorillas in Africa. But there is one African ape closer to home who deserves greater […]

According to preliminary U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service records, in 2013 there was not a single monkey exported from St. Kitts & Nevis into the United States. With this unexpected good news, ARFF is renewing our call for a permanent end to the export of wild monkeys for experimentation.
2013 was the first in at least […]

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